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Welcome to Mando GmbH & Co KG

Potential of sun energy

The sun, which is the biggest source of energy, delivers an energy amount from about 1.5 x 1018 kWh per year on the earth's surface. This is equivalent to more than10,000times of the world'senergy needsin 2010(1.4 × 1014kWh / year). The composition of the solar spectrum, the sunshine duration and the corner under which the sunrays fall on the earth's surface are depending on time, season and degree of latitude. Thus the radiated energy is different. For example in Central Europe the radiated energy amounts about 1,000 kWh per square metres and year and about 2,350 kWh per square metres and year in the Sahara ...

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Potential of sun energy

Our work speaks for itself

The satisfaction of our customers is the mirrorof our success. In order to assessour services better, we present a selection of references.

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Potential of sun energy

Welcome to Mando GmbH & Co KG


he company was founded by the owner Dirk Nowak on 12 august 2009. As an owner operated association we focus on using renewable energy, especially solar energy. The maxim of our action is customer benefit. Costumer value finds its expression in a transparent and performance-related compensation for our services. We see ourselves as partners to our customers.

On behalf of our clients we are the service providers in this partnership. Serve and perform are the qualities that our purchasers can expect from us. The company is located in Biederitz, in the suburb of Magdeburg a population of around 5000.


irk Nowak was born on 16.04.1970 in Brunswick. After completing his apprenticeship at Volksbank Peine eG in 1989, he worked for several credit unions and banks in Ronnenberg, Magdeburg, Schönebeck and Dessau supporting wealthy private clients and corporate customers. He graduated in banking administration.

Between 1999 and 2008 Dirk Nowak worked as general manager in the business areas: investment, procurement of financing and funds. As well asthe organization of financial accounting, controlling and implementing a quality management system.